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Magnolia Tire Service, Elizabeth, NJ

Tire Repair Services in Elizabeth NJ

We are located on 1048 Magnolia Avenue in Elizabeth, NJ, 07208. (Corner of Magnolia Avenue & Catherine Street)  Click here for directions to our Tire Shop.  Easy access to Magnolia Tire Service from Route 1 & 9.

We have been proudly serving Elizabeth for 30 years.  At Magnolia Tire Service, Tony (the owner) personally services all vehicles. Our Tire Shop is fully insured and certified by Union County. ALL of our Tire Specialists are certified and experienced to service and maintain your vehicle.

About Us

  • Our Tire Experts are Certified:  All of our employees are experienced, trained, licensed, and certified.
  • State-of-the-Art equipment:   Using state-of-the-art computer equipment we can repair and service all domestic, luxury, and foreign vehicles.

Our Services

  • Flat Tire Fixed for $8
  • Used & New Tires
  • Computerized Wheel Balancing
  • We Fix Rims
  • Welding
  • Used & New Rims
  • Low profiles & Vouge Tires

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